Baggage Storage


Don't need all your baggage for your walk?

Don't want to have to carry it around with you?

Walk the West Highland Way the way YOU want to while we take care of and store your excess baggage for you until the end of your adventure.

We will be there at the end to make sure your baggage is back with you safe and sound at either Milngavie or Fort William.

Baggage Storage will be at Milngavie Train Station ready to collect your bags between 8/9am, and then store them for you in our own storage location.

Which is the perfect way to enjoy your West Highland Way experience not having to worry about the baggage that you don't need with you.

Storage fee is £5 per bag per day and as we are based in Milngavie, you can either collect your bags for Free in Milngavie or your bags can be delivered to the end of the West Highland Way in Fort William for £15 per bag.


Baggage Storage



Use the grey box above to enter number of bags

If applicable use the notes above to let us know the exact details of where you would like the bags delivered to