Why should I pick Baggage freedom over any other companies? We wear KILTS !!! And we would love to get a picture with you at the start of your walk !!! We provide the best and most reliable service along the West Highland Way. We provide pet friendly return transport daily from Fortwilliam to Glasgow,Pets travel free !! We provide memberships for all you WHW walkers which gives you unlimited baggage freedom access for the full walking season. As if that wasn’t enough we also have an onboard survival shop for any last minute items you may have forgot or lost along the way. We are a friendly trustworthy professional fully insured company who will allow you too FEEL THE FREEDOM !!!

we are staying in a hotel in Milngavie the night before our walk can you collect from hotel ? Yes no problem please enter your first initial bag pick up point on our website booking form. We will meet you outside the Milngavie/Bearsden premier inns at 7.45 for bag and tag (Remember your initial bag pick up date is the same date of your first nights accommodation)

Where do I hand over my bags in the morning of my walk if im not staying in Milngavie the night before or haven’t entered a Milngavie hotel as my initial bag pick up point ? VERY IMPORTANT Please make sure you are at Milngavie train station in the morning of your walk no later than 9am. Trains from Glasgow central can get you here before 8am. We will be waiting for you in the station car park between 8am – 9am 7 days a week from the 25th march – 13th October. Please don’t be late otherwise you may need to carry your bags for the first day. If you are delayed please phone us in the morning between 8am-9am and we will do our best to wait for you.

Where do we meet for return transfer from Fortwilliam ? Outside Wetherspoons between 3-5pm we will phone everyone when we arrive.

What time will my bags reach each stop ? We aim to have all bags delivered before 5pm.

what does the Freedom £65 Package include ? The Freedom package covers the full walk along the West Highland way ( up to 10 stops ) and pet friendly return transport from Fort William to Milngavie. PETS TRAVEL FREE

what does the £45 package include ? The £45 package covers the full walk along the West Highland way ( up to 10 stops )

What does the £20 package include ? The £20 package covers one pick up and drop off from any location along the west highland way ( not including Inversnaid )

can I use Baggage Freedom even though I have started the walk ? Yes no problem just book through the website and enter your bags initial pick up location in the first box during booking and we will get tags / labels sorted for your baggage.

Is there any weight limit to each bag ? Yes 20kg

I’m doing the West Highland Way backwards can you still deliver my baggage ? No sorry, the walk was designed to be done from Milngavie heading north and it’s a tradition we would like to keep.

Is it ok to use any type of baggage / suitcase / backpack / holdall ? Yes no problem just please make sure everything is snug inside so nothing gets wet ripped or damaged. Small tents / roll mats attached to the outside is fine just make sure its secure.

Is it ok to put expensive items inside my luggage like mobiles / laptops / ipads ? We would recommend you dont put anything that could potentially be broken inside your baggage especially expensive electrical gadgets like laptops / ipads etc we are a small business and unfortunately cant cover the replacement cost

How many dogs are you aloud to bring back in return transfer from Fortwilliam to Glasgow ? Each seat booking includes pet friendly transport for 1x dog. Please contact us if you have more than one to check availability. Well behaved dogs only please.

Anything else I should know about the pet friendly return transport ? Transport is included with the Freedom package. Transport will be a 9 seater crew van. Its free for pets !!! well behaved dogs only please

Where do I go for the return transport from Fortwilliam to Milngavie/Glasgow and what time will I be there ? Return transport from Fortwilliam to Glasgow will leave from outside Wetherspoons at the end of your walk leaving daily between 3-5pm (We will phone everyone once we arrive). This should give you enough time for your final days walk (Usually from Kinlochleven) We will phone you on the day if we are in the area early and it suits yourself to be collected before 5pm. If we are stuck in traffic or in any kind of delays we will post the information onto our Baggage freedom Facebook page. If you’re staying in Fortwilliam and being collected for return transfer the next day you will need to bring your bags to the collection point outside Wetherspoons.

How long does the transport back to Glasgow take ? 2.5 hours

Do you deliver bags to accommodation outside the West Highland Way ? If its not too far then Yes usually we can accommodate this however please phone/email us to double check. Other places we may deliver too include Dumbarton / Balloch / Helensburgh / Luss / Tarbet. etc

Can you deliver Bikes or other Activity Items ? Yes depending on availability, Please Message us through email/Facebook for a quick answer.

Can you deliver anything other than baggage along the west highland way route ? Yes depending on availability, Please Message us through email/Facebook for a quick answer.

Im also a business who would love to network with Baggage Freedom, would you be interested ?
Absolutely please email us at [email protected]